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"Now I know you’ve been locked up in isolation for the past few weeks, stud boy… and it may seem like I’m leaving you displayed here all alone, but don’t you worry… In about another hour or so, this empty room will be filled… wall-to-wall with a whole lot of men… all very eager to finally meet you and get their hands all over your hot body… specially that hard fuckin’ dick of yours! And you can tell ‘em whatever you want, stud… they won’t really care that you’re straight… won’t care you’ve been held captive against your will… doesn’t matter to them that your dick is hard because of all the viagra I’ve been feeding ya… Matter of fact, they already know all the sordid little details… that’s why they paid good money to attend this little event tonight… you are the object of their desires and I’m guessing by the time they’re through ‘playing’ with you, you’ll be begging me to put you back in your caged isolation… So you enjoy your evening, stud boy!"


(Source: closeties1)

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